The Electric Railroad Price Guide

The Electric Railroad Price Guide
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Product Description

MiniHotBoxKit Mini ACC Lionel Hot Box Reefer Kit $44.95

MiniBarrelKit Mini ACC Lionel Barrel Car Kit $54.95

MiniMilkKit Mini H/C Lionel Milk Car Kit $54.95

MiniSignalKit Mini ACC MTH Signalman Kit $44.95

MiniReeferKit Mini ACC MTH Operating Reefer Kit $44.95

MiniCmdrACC Mini Commander ACC (Accessory/Operating Cars) $39.95

MiniCmdrHCv2 Mini Commander HC (High Current) $44.95

MiniCmdrEX Mini Commander EX (Dummy Engines-lights/couplers) $34.95

DmLocoCtrl Dummy Loco Controller (Couplers/LED's/Sound) $24.95

SmkPufCtrl Smoke Puffer Controller (Use w/Cruise Cmdr or Cruise Lite) $34.95

Mini2Bulbs (ver.1) Mini Commander 2, Front & Rear Lamps $34.95

Mini2CPLR (ver. 2) Mini Commander 2, Front & Rear Coil Coupler $34.95

Mini2Bulb/Smoke (ver. 3) Mini Commander 2, Front Lamp & Smoke Unit $34.95

RailSounds-FM RailSounds Diesel, FM Trainmaster/H16-44 $84.95

RailSounds-GP RailSounds Diesel, GP7/GP9 $84.95

RailSounds-F3/F7 RailSounds Diesel, F3/F7 $84.95

RailSounds-E8/E9 RailSounds Diesel, E8/E9 $84.95

RailSounds-ALCO RailSounds Diesel, Alco $84.95

RailSounds-DASH9 RailSounds Diesel, Dash 8-9 $84.95

RailSounds-C420 RailSounds Diesel, C420 $84.95

RailSounds-SD RailSounds Diesel, SD40/50/60 $84.95

RailSounds-SmallStm RailSounds Steam, Small $89.95

RailSounds-MediumStm RailSounds Steam, Medium $89.95

RailSounds-LargeStm RailSounds Steam, Large $89.95

RailSounds-ARTD RailSounds Steam, Articulated $89.95

RailSounds-DAYLGHT RailSounds Steam, Daylight w/Horn $89.95

RailSounds-TURBINE RailSounds Steam, Turbine $84.95

RailSounds-EP5/GG1 RailSounds Electric, EP5/GG1 $84.95

RailSounds-GAS RailSounds Gas, Doodlebug / Galloping Goose $84.95

Snd-Conv Sound Converter $24.95

CRCMDR-Kit Cruise Commander + R4LC-08 $119.95

CRLITE-Kit Cruise Commander Lite + R4LC-08 $79.95

CRCMDR-MOD-Kit Cruise Commander Modular, Diesel $84.95

CRCMDR-ODY-Kit Cruise Commander Modular, Diesel Odyssey™ ONLY $84.95

CRCMDR-M-Tether Cruise Commander Modular, All Steam $84.95

ACCMDR-Kit AC Commander + R4LC-08 $69.95

DCCMDR-Kit DC Commander + R4LC-08 $69.95

R4LC-C08 R4LC Receiver (C08 code) $40.00

SW-CMDR Switch Commander $24.95

ChufSwMag Chuff Switch & Magnet $10.00

PrgRunSw Program/Run Switch $2.00