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The New Railsounds Commander for Diesel, Electric and Gas Engines
The New Railsounds Commander for Diesel, Electric and Gas Engines
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Product Description

Overview: The New RailSounds Commander is the smallest, most full featured, highest performance RailSounds upgrade available for your locomotives. The sounds are cleaner and very clear. The Crew Talk and Tower Communicatios are clear and understandable. The RailSounds Commander utilizes Lionel technology, combined with a single power controller that supports conventional mode, including battery backup. The RailSounds Commander operates standalone, or in conjunction with the full product line of Electric Railroad’s TMCC upgrades. The small size is unparalleled in the marketplace, so just about every locomotive can have a high performance sound system! Give us a call to see if we have the one you are looking for.

The RailSounds Commander product is a complete kit, including a high performance speaker, speaker baffle, mounting supplies, 9 volt battery connector, comprehensive installation manual, and connection cables for conventional and command operation.

Cool Features: Conventional and Command mode operation. Command mode Volume Control. On-board Volume Control for conventional operation. Battery (9v) supports conventional mode operation.

Diesel Sound Sets: F3-F7, Also Prototypical for GP7/GP9 (Dual Single Chime Horn)

GP7/GP9, Also Prototypical for F3/F7 (3 Chime Horn)

E8/E9-E Series, Dual Prime Mover EMD Locomotives (Dual Single Chime Horn)

Fairbanks-Morse Trainmaster,H16-44 (Single Chime Horn)

Alco Diesel C420, Switchers (3 Chime Horn)

Alco Diesel PA-FA (Dual Single Chime Horn)

GE Dash Type-Dash 8, Dash 9 (5 Chime Horn)

GM SD Type-SD40, SD50, SD60 (3 Chime Horn)

Gas Engine Doodlebug, Galloping Goose (1 Chime)

Electric GG1, EP5 and other Electric Locomotives (Dual Single Chime Horn)

Direct connection to the AC, DC, and Cruise Commander. Only 1.75" L x 1.25" W x 0.50" H

Additional Applications: Sound Box Cars, Cabooses, Accessories.