American Flyer Engines, Passenger and Freight Cars and Accessories
128-41 Newsstand Roof (Molded Red)
140-39 Banjo Crossing Sign (Crossbuck)
154 Crossing Signal Flasher Circuit Kit
1862-93 Cow Catcher (Molded Red)
1926600 Skeleton Log Car 2pk A Unlettered
1926610 Skeleton Log Car 2 Pack B Unlettered
1928210 Anheuser-Busch Malt Tonics Reefer
1928220 Anheuser-Busch 1890's Reefer
1928250 Anheuser-Busch Barrel Ramp Car
2019 American Flyer Christmas Boxcar 1919320
2019 Christmas Boxcar 1928490
2019 Lionel Christmas Trains and Accessories
2328-65 Pilot 3 Step
2671W-13 Water Scoop (Tender) (Molded Black)
3-16022 LionScale BNSF 50' Modern Boxcar
3-16033 LionScale CSX 50' Modern Boxcar
3-16045 LionScale Norfolk Southern 50' Modern Boxcar
3-16050 LionScale ATSF 3-Bay Offset Hopper
3-16062 LionScale B&O 3-Bay Offset Hopper
3-16070 LionScale B&M 3-Bay Offset Hopper
3-16084 LionScale C&O 3-Bay Offset Hopper
3-16113 LionScale Chessie 3-Bay 9-Panel Hopper
3-16123 LionScale Southern 3-Bay 9-Panel Hopper
3-16132 LionScale Western Maryland 3-Bay 9-Panel Hopper
352-11 Ice Station Roof (Molded Red)
38-45 Water Spout
38-49 Spout Pin
464-21 Dust Collector (Molded Red)
50-1002 DCS Remote Control
50-1004 MTH DCS Accessory Interface Unit (AIU)
50-1036 DCS WiFi Remote Control System
50-1911 DCS Proto-Sound 3 Steam Locomotive Upgrade Kit
50-1912 Proto Sound 3 Diesel/Electric Upgrade Kit
6-12014 FasTrack 10" Straight
6-12015 FasTrack 36" Curve
6-12016 FasTrack Terminal Section
6-12022 O36 Half Curved Track FasTrack
6-12023 O36 Quarter Curved Track FasTrack
6-12024 FasTrack 5" Straight
6-12025 FasTrack 4.5" Straight
6-12042 FasTrack 30" Straight Track
6-12714 Auto Crossing Gate
6-12754 Graduated Trestle Set
6-12770 Arch Under Bridge
6-12883 #148 Dwarf Signal
6-14078 Die-Cast Metal Sprung Trucks
6-14090 Banjo Signal
6-14098 Mainline Auto Crossing Gates 2 Pack
6-14111 #153IR Controller
6-14147 Old Style Clock Tower
6-14190 The Lionel Train Book
6-14218 Downtown People Pack
6-14241 Work Crew People Pack
6-14251 Die-Cast Metal Sprung Trucks
6-14273 The Polar Express Add-On Figures
6-14295 990 Legacy Command Control Set
6-15091 Angela Trotta Thomas Hi-Cube Boxcar
6-16666 Toxic Waste Car
6-16689 Toxic Waste Car
6-17752 Polar Railroad Round Roof Boxcar
6-18213 Norfolk Southern Dash 8-40C Diesel
6-21698 SuperStreet Set
6-22501 SuperStreets C&NW Van w/TMCC
6-24111 Swing Bridge
6-24191 Park People Pack
6-24194 Civil Servants People Pack
6-24203 The Polar Express Original Figures
6-24251 The Polar Express Caribou Figures
6-24252 Polar Express Wolves and Rabbits Animal Pack
6-24252 The Polar Express Wolves and Rabbit Pack
6-25134 The Polar Express Diner Car
6-25135 The Polar Express Baggage Car
6-25760 PRR Diner and Coach Passenger Car 2 Pack
6-26812 Santa Fe Log Dump Car
6-27080 Vision Boxcar
6-27165 C&O 3 Bay Die-Cast Coal Hopper #86912
6-27857 PRR Double-Door Boxcar w/End Doors
6-28316 SD-70 ACe PRR Heritage Diesel
6-28425 The Polar Express Elf Handcar
6-29247 Green Classic Street Lamp 3-Pack
6-29734 PRR Heritage CA-4 Caboose
6-3100 Great Northern 4-8-4 Steam Locomotive
6-35290 Streamliner Passenger Car Add-On 2-Pack
6-35293 Angela Trotta Thomas Toyland Express Christmas Boxcar
6-37063 Pennsylvania Speeder
6-37125 Legacy Writable Utility Module
6-37147 Legacy Cab-1L Control System
6-37151 Classic Street Lamps Christmas
6-37174 Black Classic Street Lamp 3-Pack
6-37185 Christmas Railroad Signs
6-37921 ZW-L Transformer
6-37947 GW-180 180-Watt Transformer
6-38242 New York Central FT Powered A-Unit w/RTR Railsounds
6-38300 Virginian Conventional FM TrainMaster Diesel (Yellow/Black) #2331
6-38305 Conventional Classic Milwaukee Road GP7 Diesel #2338
6-38386 #2367 Wabash F3 AB Set Conventional Classics
6-38421 Northern Pacific LEGACY Scale U33C Diesel #3305
6-47918 Southern Pacific Streamliner Combo & Observation Cars 2-Pack
6-49844 Christmas Animated Billboard S-Gauge
6-52575 Lionel Holiday Stores Boxcar
6-62180 Railroad Signs
6-81023 Jersey Central Yard Boss 0-4-0 Set
6-81214 Southern Pacific LEGACY Scale H-24-66 TrainMaster Diesel #4809
6-81294 LCS SensorTrack
6-81309 Southern Pacific LionChief Plus Pacific
6-81325 LCS WiFi Module
6-81442 Pennsylvania Command Control Rotary Snowplow
6-81443 Rio Grande Command Control Rotary Snowplow
6-81769 Chessie System Madison Coach/Baggage 2-Pack
6-81774 Southern Pacific Madison Coach/Baggage Car 2-Pack
6-81778 Santa Fe Madison Coach/Diner 2-Pack
6-81779 Santa Fe Madison Coach/Baggage 2-Pack
6-81783 Canadian Pacific Madison Coach/Diner 2-Pack
6-81784 Canadian Pacific Madison Coach/Baggage 2-Pack
6-82179 Pennsylvania LionChief Plus E33 Rectifier Electric Locomotive #4466
6-82241 Wabash LEGACY Alco PA Diesel AA #1020 & #1020A
6-82285 Southern Pacific Legacy SD40 #8402 Diesel
6-82296 Erie LionChief Plus FT AA
6-82566 Rock Island 21' Streamlined Passenger Car 4-Pack
6-82571 Rock Island 21" Streamlined Passenger Car 2-Pack
6-82726 Postwar Inspired Green Alco FA Passenger Set
6-82886 Rock Island 21" Streamlined StationSounds Diner
6-82887 Texas Special 21" Streamlined StationSounds Diner
6-82974 Southern Pacific LionChief Plus A5 0-4-0 Steam Locomotive
6-82975 Baltimore & Ohio LionChief Plus A5 0-4-0 Steam Switcher
6-82976 Bethlehem Steel LionChief Plus A5 0-4-0 Switcher
6-82977 2015 Major League Baseball All-Star Boxcar
6-82992 Lionel 115th Anniversary Boxcar
6-83636 Lionel 115th DYOB Winning Design Boxcar
6-83984 Pennsylvania Flyer LionChief 0-8-0 Freight Set
6-84111 Western Pacific LionChief Plus GP7
6-84328 The Polar Express LionChief Set
6-84468 New York Central USRA Light Mikado #5187
6-84510 Penn Central S2 Electric #4710
6-84938 Santa Fe LionChief Plus GP38
6-85075 Reading Vision Caboose w/ Camera
6-8659 Virginian Rectifier
610-5906-001 Sound Activation Button 6-5906
6144 Broadway-Limited NYC Operating Water Tower w/Sounds
6145 Broadway Limited Water Tower PRR w/ Sounds
9-22011 2013 Locomotive Collection Ornament Keepsake
Amtrak 6-18303 GG1 with 8 Passenger Car Set 6-19100-6-19106
Atlas O 0404-1 RSD 4/5 LOCO C & NW #1667 DIESEL
Bascule Bridge 313 6-22972
Brooklyn Eastern District Terminal LionChief Plus 2.0 0-6-0T #15 2032020
Command and Railsounds Upgrade Kit (Diesel)
Command and Railsounds Upgrade Kit (Steam)
DZ-1075 Trackside Sensor w/ Alternate Solid State Relay
ERR by 3rd Rail TMCC upgrade kits Electric Railroad Company
JT's Mega-Steam Smoke Fluid
JT's Mega-Steam Smoke Fluid
K-2252IC Kennecott Copper Corporation MP-15 Diesel
K-2625-031 K-Line Kennecott Copper Corporation Motorized Handcar
K-4532-0479 Golden State Streamliner Observation Car Golden Divan
K-4532-3368 Golden State Imperial Terrace Streamliner Passenger Car
K-4532-503 Golden State Golden Chariot Streamliner Passenger Car
K-4532-5065 Golden State Baggage Car
K-90011 Kennecott Copper Corporation Caboose
K-90012 Keokuk Canning Company Freight Car
K-90014 Burlington Northern Semi Scale Tank Car
K4532-0214 Golden State Golden Moon Vista Dome Streamliner Passenger Car
K4532-2346 Golden State Golden Lyre Streamliner Passenger Car
K4532-2399 Golden State Golden Nugget Streamliner Passenger Car
K4532-2984 Golden State Golden Outlook Streamliner Passenger Car
K4532-3358 Golden State Imperial Range Streamliner Passenger Car
K4532-4301 Golden State Streamliner RPO
K4532-6015 Golden State Combine Car
Lionel 6826 Flatcar with Christmas Trees
Lionel and MTH Train Repairs
Lionel and MTH Train Sets. Lionel SuperStreet Sets
Lionel Authorized Service Station
Lionel Command and Railsounds Upgradeable Kits
Lionel FasTrack
Lionel GG1 Pennsylvania LionChief Plus 2.0 Fast Freight Set 2022060
Lionel LionScale Freight Cars Made In America
Lionel Lockon CTC 6-62900
Lionel Parts
Lionel Smoke Fluid
Lionel, K-Line and MTH Freight and Passenger Cars
Lionel, K-Line Motorized Units, SuperStreet Cars
Lionel, MTH and Broadway-Limited, Accessories, DCS, Legacy Sets and Transformers, Z-Stuff for Trains
Lionel, MTH, K-Line, Atlas O, Williams, Steam, Diesel and Electric Engines
MTH 30-74888 North Pole Boxcar w/Blinking LED's
MTH 50-1024 AA NiCad Proto-Sound Battery
MTH Authorized Service Center
MTH Baldwin AS-616 Union Pacific Diesel Proto2
MTH Norfolk Southern SD60M Diesel Cab #6800 w/TMCC
MTH Proto-Sound 3 Upgrade Kits
Pennsylvania LionChief Plus 2.0 0-6-0T #2295 2032050
Santa Fe LionChief Plus 2.0 0-6-0T #95 2032010 Steam Engine
Seuthe #117 Smoke Generator
Seuthe #21 Smoke Unit / Generator
Seuthe #22 Smoke Unit / Generator
Seuthe #27 Smoke Unit / Generator
Seuthe #5 Smoke Unit / Generator
Seuthe #6 Smoke Unit / Generator
Seuthe #7 Smoke Unit / Generator
Seuthe Smoke Units and Generators
Smoke Pellets
SuperStreets Tubular Track Grade Crossing 6-21283
We Buy Used Trains
Williams Semi Scale 4-6-2 Pacific NYC 40801
Z-4000 40-4000 Transformer